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We offer a variety of services and products

"We serve home consumers, farm consumers, commercial and industrial consumers, as well as railroad and marine users. We're very fortunate to have good customers and good employees." - Mike Fischer 



The Fischer Oil team knows how important fuel is to your operation, especially during busy farming seasons. Whether you need diesel for tractors or fueling your combines and trucks, you can rely on us to efficiently manage your farm fuel requirements.


We deliver:

  • Top Tier Gasoline

  • Premium Diesel fuel (clear or dyed)

  • Oils & Lubricants 

Tank Wagon.jpg

Transport and Tank Wagon Delivery

We offer transport deliveries to many machine shops and other distributors both in Washington and the surrounding areas. 

Gas and Distillates_edited.jpg

Gas and Distillates 


Bulk Lubricants 

We offer a huge variety of lubricants priced from 2.5 gallon jugs all the way up to bulk pricing. 


Construction Fuel Services

We supply both on and off road fueling to many prominent construction companies in the area. 

Fuel Grade.png

Fuel Grades, Kerosene, #1 thru #6

We carry a variety of gasoline and distillates. From Premium diesel to silver gasoline we have it all!


Chemicals & Solvents



Home Heating Oil.png


As your home heating oil provider we will meet your heating needs with friendly service and dependable delivery of quality heating oil. 

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